SlateXpace, a CRB solution, featured in Medicine Maker

SlateXpace, a CRB solution, featured in Medicine Maker

Jan 19, 2021

In this article, Walters and Bornholdt address the challenges for ATMP manufacturers and CMOs when it comes to diversifying pipelines under one roof. Some of these challenges include easily swapping between producing one therapy to another all while ensuring appropriate segregation between different projects and unit operations.  And that’s while remembering that, in every case, time to market is crucial.

When building new capacity, timelines tend to be long. It is not uncommon for manufacturing and business needs to change while construction is taking place, meaning that the final facility may no longer meet current needs when it is built. And that’s why modular manufacturing options, which are much faster to deploy, are now a popular approach for companies that need greater flexibility.

With speed to market and flexibility being key components for ATMP manufacturers and CMOs, CRB launched SlateXpace, which uses scalable and agile suites that allow manufacturers to easily change between modality-specific manufacturing processes. The suites can be deployed in existing warehouse space – and companies can deploy either just one suite or mix and match to get the right combination of capabilities.

“We not only hand you a solution that is ready to be driven but also provide the map to get your manufacturing process where it needs to be.”

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