Plant-based food manufacturing lab featured in Lab Manager Magazine

Plant-based food manufacturing lab featured in Lab Manager Magazine

Feb 13, 2020

CRB’s recently completed ONEsolution project,  North Carolina Food Innovation Lab, was recently featured in Lab Manager Magazine.

The state of North Carolina developed a program to incentivize food processing in the state called Food Manufacturing Initiative. As part of this program, the state legislature created a food innovation lab where scientists from industry and academia could come together in partnership with economic developers and entrepreneurs to accelerate plant-based food research, ideation, development, and commercialization. They wanted the lab built to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards and regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Four strategic partners came together to bring the vision to life, including NC State University, the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Economic Development Partnership of NC and the NC Research Campus.

The result is the North Carolina Food Innovation Lab (NCFIL), a plant-based food manufacturing lab and pilot plant facility offering space for brainstorming, testing formulas, processing ingredients and more. The facility will support every step of product development in its goal to serve as a catalyst for plant-based food research and manufacturing.

Learn more about NCFIL.