MycoTechnology featured in Food Engineering as 2020 Sustainable Plant of the Year

MycoTechnology featured in Food Engineering as 2020 Sustainable Plant of the Year

Nov 6, 2020

Earlier this year, Food Engineering announced MycoTechnology as 2020 Sustainable Plant of the Year. The facility is featured on the cover of the magazine’s November 2020 issue.

2020 Sustainable Plant of the Year

As Food Engineering’s 2020 Sustainable Plant of the Year, MycoTechnology is recognized for placing an emphasis on sustainability from the very start of their project and carrying that commitment through to the way they operate the plant today.

Water efficiency

Water can be a big hit to the bottom line for food processors in Colorado. Not surprisingly, it was the number 1 concern for MycoTechnology. CRB’s team worked closely with MycoTechnology to identify unique ways to save water within the process. Running at peak production, the estimated water savings is 3,600 gallons per day or 1.26 million gallons per year. This equates to approximately 59% of total CIP water reclaimed.

Energy efficiency

The facility leverages Colorado’s climate by incorporating outside air whenever possible to reduce the overall energy needed for cooling. When the outside air temperature is lower than the return air temperature (and at an acceptable dew point to avoid high humidity indoors), it is used to reduce the cooling loads. When the outdoor air temperature drops below the air handler supply temperature, the outside air is modulated to provide maximum cooling but avoid re-heat needs.

The facility includes office, conference and lab space, in addition to production, packaging and warehouse space. The needs of each space were considered individually to design HVAC support.

Process efficiency

MycoTechnology’s process requires fermentation, drying and packaging, which come with high energy demand. The team looked carefully at every aspect of the process to identify opportunities to be more efficient. Heat recovery provided several sustainability wins for the facility, allowing the team to use heat from one area or part of the process in another.

Automation allows plant operators to keep a close eye on production trends, quickly making adjustments as needed from a central control room.

Culture of sustainability

MycoTechnology’s drive for sustainability reaches beyond facility design and operations. It’s a part of the culture, driven by employees and supported by leadership. The sustainability committee meets regularly to discuss and track on the company’s sustainability goals.


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