Meet SlateXpace™, CRB’s latest solution

Sep 30, 2020

Meet SlateXpace – a multimodal facility solution that delivers unmatched industry speed, flexibility and adaptability for the advanced therapy market.

CRB’s SlateXpaceTM gives cell and gene therapy clients new flexibility, control over manufacturing needs to support highly complex product pipelines.

Emerging health threats, uncured diseases and the need to deliver critical therapies to patients are driving biotech companies to search for ways to build flexibility into their complex product pipelines and deliver projects in record time. Today, pioneering multimodality manufacturing solution addresses that challenge: SlateXpace. 

"SlateXpace™ meets the market need for a truly essential and efficient facility design, one that makes many, highly-tailored processes possible for clients. We started SlateXpace™ with the goal of delivering a facility that would never be idle. Manufacturers have the means to rapidly shift their operations as technologies change, business expands, and patient needs evolve. That will minimize downtime and maximize growth, no matter what comes next." Ryan Schroeder, President of CRB

SlateXpace™ (pronounced “Slate Space”is a CRB solution that breaks from conventional facility design by providing unparalleled flexibility, speed to market and budget control, allowing companies to quickly deliver multiple novel therapies to patients. Clients get customizabletime and cost-efficient solution that accommodates rapidly evolving multi-modal pipelines while future proofing their capital investments. They also get peace of mind as SlateXpace™ leverages the expertise and capabilities of a team that manages every detail end to end – from facility fabrication and delivery, equipment selection and installation, to start-upqualification and operator training. 

“The term ‘disruptive’ gets thrown around a lot in our industry. But for our clients, SlateXpace™ is exactly that – a game-changing turnkey facility that delivers the kind of flexibility once considered impossible for customized and novel processes.”  Noel Maestre, Director of SlateXpace

The agility at the heart of SlateXpace’s mission heralds a critical turning point in the story of advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) manufacturing. The 1980s biotech explosion, the advent of stainlesssteel facilities, and the arrival of closed processing technology and eventually ballroom manufacturing concepts each ushered periods of uncomfortable adjustment – followed soon by untapped potential. Today, biotechnology companies are navigating the next scientific breakthrough with the promises brought on by the rise of cell and gene therapy products. However, many operators remain constrained by technologies and processes ill-suited for a fast-shifting market. 

SlateXpace™ seizes on that potential by giving clients full operational turnkey delivery, upfront cost and schedule confidence and infinite flexibility, allowing clients to capture new markets or take advantage of emerging technologies. Implementing SlateXpace™ facilities allows you to constantly transform and grow with your business to address rapidly evolving market demands. 

Drawing on CRB’s more than 35 years of life sciences experience, SlateXpace’s unique suite-based platform moves ATMP manufacturing beyond off-the-shelf cleanroom boxes and into a new era that empowers clients to shift flexibly, quickly and seamlessly between therapiesUsing SlateXpace™, an operator could run a product campaign in one modality, decontaminate that space, swap out single-use and mobile equipment and run a new batch in the same space – in a different modality – all within a few weeks.  

Modalities currently test-fitted for SlateXpace include vaccines, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), viral vectors, plasmids, allogeneic cell therapies and autologous cell therapies as well as the potential to accommodate other future biotech modalities – an “X” factor that can accommodate bespoke client designs, new technologies or unforeseen scientific breakthroughs.  

"Whether it’s an established biotech company or contract manufacturing organization (CMO) looking for maximum operational flexibility to support complex product combinations across their global network, or a startup company looking for scalability and cost control so they can focus on development, SlateXpace provides a holistic solution with unparalleled advantages over today’s manufacturing environments." Noel Maestre, Director of SlateXpace

To learn more about SlateXpace and how CRB can provide your business future-proof facility  beating all industry benchmarks for speed, flexibility and adaptability – visit our website at We can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter. 


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