CRB at Animal Health in the Heartland

CRB at Animal Health in the Heartland

Aug 3, 2020

On August 18th, learn from CRB’s subject matter experts covering critical, relevant topics in the animal health market at this year’s Animal Health in the Heartland symposium, where the focus will be “Whole Animal Health.”

Whole Animal Health

The animal health industry is using cutting-edge research and innovation to provide solutions to address today’s animal health needs and combat growing health threats, which seem to be coming at a faster pace than ever. These discoveries don’t address just one area of animal health, but span a wide range of approaches to holistically look at all aspects of animal health and their impacts on human health, our food supply, and the environment. From new vaccines to reduced antibiotic usage, to healthier feed additives, to advances in technology and data that assist producers, today’s tools to improve animal health are not isolated, but thoughtfully inter-connected.

Mitigating Animal-to-Human Disease Transmission in a Live/Modified Viral Facility

August 18th 9:20 – 10:20 am
Protecting the product, the environment, and personnel while handling live viral products can be tricky. Most mitigation strategies involve complicated HVAC systems, electrical interlocks, and specialized fogging/VHP equipment. This presentation will compare different approaches and associate pros/cons with each.

  • Payton Fraley, Chemical Engineer
  • Bill Donahue, Process Engineer
  • Moderated by Eric Danielson, Director of Business Development

Simulation Applications in Animal Health

August 18th 10:25 – 11:25 am
It is better to perform simulations rather than experimenting on the real system. Simulation models can be used to depict actual system dynamics that include time, events, and the changes that occur over time. They further can model variability and stochastic events and perform what-if analyses. This session discusses how operational simulations can be used to address bottlenecks, evaluate capacities, improve designs/layout, and help justify business cases within the animal health domain.

  • Niranjan Kulkarni, PhD, Director, Operation Improvements
  • Moderated by Eric Danielson, Director of Business Development

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