Matt Beier on food safety in pet food manufacturing

Matt Beier on food safety in pet food manufacturing

Oct 21, 2019

Matt Beier shares insights into food safety in pet food manufacturing facilities in Food Engineering magazine.

The pet food industry is making strides in advancing food safety in pet food manufacturing facilities. As manufacturers make changes to comply with new regulations, they can leverage the expertise of firms like CRB to guide them through cGMP’s, food safety analysis and the development of a detailed food safety plan.

CRB developed a FSMA Readiness Program as FSMA reform swept through the industry, says CRB Senior Process Engineer Matt Beier. “Moving forward, we have continued to assist manufacturers by auditing their facilities against FSMA guidelines. Once an audit is performed, our team issues a report that outlines the compliant areas and any areas that fall short of full compliance or are out of compliance.”

CRB’s report can also include procedural issues. Both short- and long-term recommendations are made for out-of-compliance issues and often CRB will work with processors to bring a facility into compliance.

Beier also weighs in on equipment design and clean facility design.

Read “Complying with FSMA for pet food manufacturing” for the full story on how pet food manufacturers can leverage partners’ expertise to optimize their food safety programs.