Improving sanitary design in legacy food facilities

Improving sanitary design in legacy food facilities

Mar 27, 2019

Pablo Coronel, Ph.D. is featured in Food Safety Strategies, weighing in on critical sanitary considerations in aging snack and bakery facilities.

“Hygienic design of facilities is always paramount. From floors, walls, ceilings and drains to waste management, air quality and process equipment, it’s important to consider a facility’s hygienic design and cleanability. Older facilities were typically built under a former set of codes, both in terms of construction and food safety.”

Coronel recently performed a facility and process food safety assessment for Yamco, a producer of aseptic products. In addition to the assessment, Coronel provided aseptic awareness training to the team and has remained engaged with Yamco as a thermal process authority. Learn more about how Coronel helped Yamco here.

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