Designing a Successful Oligonucleotide Facility

Designing a Successful Oligonucleotide Facility

Oct 4, 2019

Chelsea Stramel, Architectural Designer and Jake Adams, Process Engineer were featured in Contract Pharma’s “Designing a Successful Oligonucleotide Facility – Five questions you probably aren’t asking, but should.”

If you work with oligonucleotides, chances are you’ve felt it: That sense of anticipation, like the moment before the starting pistol in an Olympic sprint. Something exceptional is about to happen. Regulators are now approving therapies designed to overcome the challenges of the body’s annihilating digestive system and successfully reach the target cellular level. Next stop, commercialization. The whole industry is poised in the starting blocks, ready to surge ahead.

What does that surge look like? For many, it’s a new or expanded manufacturing facility. This means thinking about production volumes, equipment sizing, and overall methodologies—the big, mission-critical questions, which require big, mission-critical plans. These are not the only questions, though. Arguably, they aren’t even the most important, because they often overlook a key element: the employee using the process machinery.

Read the full article to consider the five questions that follow as the beginning of a training plan to ensure that you enter this race with every advantage.