Cell therapy simulation

CRB Speaking at Phacilitate Leaders World & World Stem Cell Summit 2020

Dec 9, 2019

Philip Lyman, PhD and Charles Heffernan will be speaking at Phacilitate Leaders World & World Stem Cell Summit 2020! Taking place January 21 – 24, 2020 in Miami, this event will bring together the entire ecosystem of the advanced therapies industry from all corners of the globe.

Their session, “Beyond the hype – operational simulations to deliver the next generation of medicines,” will be held January 23rd from 11:35-11:50.

Designing new facilities for cell therapy manufacturing is a challenging task. Commercialization remains in the nascent stage, with only a few licensed commercial facilities constructed to date. Numerous uncertainties remain, from the potential demand for any given new therapy, equipment technology and equipment reliability, and learning curves for the analysts and operators, to the possible lead times for key raw materials, and many more. All these factors impact facility design, including plant footprint, equipment need, the required staff, warehousing and QC needs and the flow of people and materials.

What will facilities look like in five years’ time? This presentation will provide you with an understanding of:

  • How the exploding market is driving capacity demand
  • Operational modeling and simulation
  • Factors to consider for an effective simulation study
  • The benefits of cell therapy simulations which include equipment and operator optimization, streamlined operations, bottlenecks identified, defined manufacturing cadences, increased throughput strategies, and potential cost savings opportunities, to name a few.

A panel discussion highlighting lessons learned and best practices will follow this session.

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