Mark Paskanik and Nick Caronna Featured in Laboratory Design

Mark Paskanik and Nick Caronna Featured in Laboratory Design

Jan 26, 2016

Mark Paskanik and Nick Caronna’s 2015 I2SL presentation abstract, “The Top Ten Triple Bottom Line for Lab Design” was recently featured in Laboratory Design.

“The top 10 triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) identifies practical strategies to make your project successful from the visioning planning phase all the way through operations and facility lifecycle,” said Nick Caronna.

Founding members of the I2SL North Carolina Chapter, Nick Caronna serves are chapter President and Mark Paskanik serves as chapter Treasurer.
Nick Caronna, CRB Director of Science + Technology, has more than 34 years of experience serving the private and public sectors as Principal, Senior Project Manager and Senior Mechanical Engineer. Nick has extensive experience in energy usage evaluations, greenfield construction, complex retrofits, and cost-effective research facility solutions.
Mark Paskanik, CRB Senior Architect & Lab Planner, has more than 17 years of experience programming, planning and designing research facilities worldwide. With a focus on tested planning principles, Mark uniquely adapts each lab design to support the client’s vision to create a collaborative, efficient and safe environment. He has planned over 10,000,000 square feet of laboratory space and has completed many challenging renovations projects. Mark is a founding member of the I2SL North Carolina chapter and serves as the chapter Treasurer.

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