Mary Carroll, AIA, LEED AP brings her “New Research Workplace” Design Philosophy to CRB

Mary Carroll, AIA, LEED AP brings her “New Research Workplace” Design Philosophy to CRB

Mar 10, 2015

Philadelphia, PA

“Blurred Lines” might have been a Billboard chart-topping hit that feels outdated now, but when it comes to Science + Technology design, the concept of blurring the lines between office and laboratory space is just heating up.

Beginning with an open office concept that crosses over into the laboratory space, the benefits of eliminating physical and perceived boundaries between environments are numerous:

·         Flexibility is achieved, as the space can accommodate changing technology and allow researchers to stay ahead of changing science

·         Collaboration is stimulated, as the space encourages interaction and the “happy accident” of running into people / exchanging ideas with great minds you might otherwise not see

·         Cost to build and maintain is decreased, as expensive lab space can be reduced by creating less expensive, non-lab space for researchers to work, meet and interact

With movements in academic and corporate lab organizations focused on creating more interactive spaces to increase researcher productivity and satisfaction, the “new research workplace” trend is just one of many that we will see continue to evolve in the coming years.

With an impressive career bringing these modern environments to life for Science + Technology clients, Mary Carroll brings her wealth of architectural and project management experience to CRB. A LEED-certified architect with 25 years of experience, her approach to sustainability goes beyond typical “green” design elements and is more of a holistic view at how a design will create both a space and a culture that can stand the test of time.

To learn more about how Mary’s input can benefit your next Science + Technology project, contact her at [email protected]