David Keith, AIA, joins CRB!

David Keith, AIA, joins CRB!

Jan 15, 2015

David Keith, AIA has joined the CRB S+T team as an Architect and Project Manager based in the Carlsbad, California office. David has over 25 years of life sciences, pharma and biotech industry experience, having worked as a facility manager, project manager, private equity developer and an architect.

David’s unique blend of experience provides him with 360 degree visibility into the client’s needs. From this vantage point he provides the right design solution for the client’s organizational structure, budget constraints and long term operating needs.

Culture + Market Dynamics = Transformed Research Facilities

Having worked for big pharma and leading biotechs as a strategic planner and facility planning manager, I’ve been a part of many successful companies who aligned themselves around a primary goal of bringing a new drug to market.

Throughout this experience, I learned the value of the facilities serving as “enablers” to support the culture of the company and the desired interactions of the scientists. For any company to move forward with their vision and associated goals, they need increased engagement from their team and reduced operating and reconfiguration costs. To this end, a properly designed research facility must understand and accommodate these evolving goals.

+ Market Dynamics

As San Diego and San Francisco have matured into two of the top three leading biotech clusters in the US, the research facility market has also evolved. We are also experiencing a rise from individual commercial property owners to ownership by specialized developers and real estate investment trusts (REITs). With the presence of these specialized developers and REITs, we are seeing a shift to long term ownership positions and recapitalization strategies where decisions are driven by lifespan and quality levels as they look to provide for future flexibility. Additionally, developers are consolidating properties as they look for the competitive advantage of signature campuses with on-site amenities to attract and retain tenants.

= Transformed Research Facilities
Ultimately, a research facility will need to balance the company’s cultural needs and the market dynamics. What is designed today must be reconfigurable for tomorrow and beyond. To accomplish this, the architect must be able to see, pursue and deliver innovative solutions from these different perspectives.