CRB Tech Tank Series at Interphex

CRB Tech Tank Series at Interphex

Feb 28, 2014

Tuesday, March 18th
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Room 1E13, Javits Center Level 1
CRB TECH TANK will reveal key strategies to increase your performance and profit for 2014. Whether it is discovering design strategies that lead to manufacturing efficiency, learning about the idiosyncrasies, faults and realities of the OSD equipment world, or understanding your operations so waste can be eliminated and productivity increased, CRB’s Tech Tank series will provide real world insights that can positively impact your bottom line.

The Key to a Successful Future Flexible Factory
with Marc Pelletier, Director of Strategic Biopharm Solutions

Tomorrow’s Flexible Factory needs to respond quickly to the ever changing needs of typical biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Many biopharma manufacturers are riding the “wave of plastic” in an attempt to improve productivity, lower overall cost of goods (COGs), and decrease the risk of their bioprocess operations. Single use systems may provide great flexibility in terms of rapid mobilization and changeover as required in clinical operations, but are they meeting the lower COGs desired by long-term commercial operations? This presentation will compare facility design strategies in an attempt to understand where real manufacturing efficiencies can be gained.

OSD Process Equipment
with Dave DiProspero, Senior Pharmaceutical Specialist

Learn about the major unit operations and primary processing equipment used in the manufacturing of Oral Solid Dose form products. You will be introduced to the three main types of processes (Direction Compression, Wet and Dry Granulation). Learn how each are applied in today’s modern manufacturing facilities and what issues need to be considered. We will also discuss the relationship between Owner / Engineer / Vendor during Design, Selection and Qualification of processes and equipment to assure a successful project.

Topics will include:

  • Defining the OSD Form Process
  • The OSD Primary Unit Operations Matrix
  • Key Unit Operations – the process, technology & equipment
  • The Owner / Equipment / Vendor Relationship
  • OSD Facilities of the Future.

Think Outside the Vessel Improve Your Operations
with Niranjan Kulkarni, PhD, Operations Specialist

It is common knowledge that reducing expenses and improving efficiencies help companies increase their profitability. But the big question is, how do we achieve this? Improvements via enhancing process chemistry, process and technological changes, product quality advances, etc. have a positive impact on profitability, but improving operational parameters can further boost financial success.

Operational inefficiencies can manifest from an individual level, e.g., equipment or operator, to a collective systemic level, e.g., entire supply chains. Typically, not knowing where to look for these problems is the source of this difficulty.

This presentation will help you gain a better understanding of the process, the value-added steps, the elimination of wasteful activities, and the variability in the process.