Jeff Biskup

Jeff Biskup, Witold Lehmann, Published in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Apr 6, 2012

Kansas City, MO

CRB is pleased to announce that Jeff Biskup and Witold Lehmann, in conjunction with Bob Matje from Pfizer and Stephen Sirabian from Glatt Air Techniques, have published an article in Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine titled, “Application of Pre-Owned Equipment in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations.”

After consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry occurs, more and more surplus equipment is realized and equipment reuse becomes a tempting option for manufacturers wanting to control capital costs. The pressure of maintaining high quality procedures remain, along with risk of not purchasing new assets. This article provides guidance on the process of evaluating the benefits and risks associated with used asset accumulation. The principles embodied in this article can be applied to effectively manage and help to understand the special requirements and nuances of pre-owned equipment, leading to a successful outcome for the project.

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