Tony Moses

Moses to speak at Good Food Conference 2021 on alternative proteins

Sep 8, 2021

Tony Moses, Ph.D., will speak at Good Food Conference 2021, an alternative-proteins-focused event presented by the Good Food Institute (GFI). Moses will join industry-leading peers for a panel discussion on “Advancing solutions to key challenges: Infrastructure.”

Advancing solutions to key challenges: Infrastructure
September 24, 2021  |  12—12:50pm  Eastern Time
Featuring panelist Tony Moses, Ph.D., Director of Product Innovation, CRB

Tapping insights from CRB’s Horizons: Alternative Proteins report and successful alternative protein infrastructure projects at CRB, Moses will highlight key factors companies should consider before investing in infrastructure:

  • How can processors create flexible and high-speed infrastructure that can respond quickly to future market demands, while still meeting existing production needs?
  • How can infrastructure be used to meet other environmental goals, such as lower carbon emissions?
  • What aspects of infrastructure are commonly overlooked that may have a significant impact on the project?


About the conference:
The Good Food Conference 2021: Chartering the global roadmap for alternative proteins
September 22—24, 2021 | Virtual

GFI will bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and corporate leaders in alternative proteins for  Good Food Conference 2021, with the express intent of accelerating change, eliminating obstacles, and scaling solutions for mainstreaming alternative proteins across the global food system.


Horizons: Alternative Proteins

Moses joined fellow CRB subject matter experts to publish Horizons: Alternative Proteins, a report built on the inputs of 300+ food industry leaders, explores how companies can bring efficient, safe, and affordable plant- and cell-based meat and seafood, as well as alternative dairy products, to consumers. Download your copy here.