Tammy McConaughy Lean Director

McConaughy answers Big Room questions with Lean Construction Institute

Aug 19, 2022

Tammy McConaughy, Global Director of Lean Delivery, answers “How a Big Room Approach Can Yield Big Results” in the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) blog.

Read the full article to learn:

  • How to step into Big Room thinking
  • How a Big Room works
  • The benefits of a Big Room mindset

McConaughy’s insights come from 15 years’ experience applying lean principles to capital projects. She delivers industry classes on the topics of: Lean Project Delivery, The Business Case for Lean, Target Value Delivery, Big Room Mindset, Last Planner System® and Gemba Walks. She is also a contributing author to the LCI published book, Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation.

As Global Director of Lean Delivery, Tammy develops, facilitates, and supports CRB Group’s international Lean design and construction programs.