Tammi McAllister

Tammi McAllister discusses modern food and beverage facility design

Oct 3, 2019

Tammi McAllister discusses the design of modern food and beverage facilities in Food Processing’s latest issue.
Modern facilities must be designed to accommodate shifts in technology, consumer preferences and business priorities. It’s important for manufacturers to work closely with their design partners to make informed decisions.

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest concerns in plant operations. McAllister shares cost-conscious advice as food producers weigh their options. When considering the return on investment (ROI) for energy-efficient boilers and refrigeration systems, it’s critical to take into consideration the local energy costs.

“It depends on where you are in the country,” McAllister says. “When I’ve done projects up in the Northeast, and we’ll just use Boston for example, energy costs are very high. So your ROI on putting in a very efficient boiler and adding an economizer – you may be looking at a three-year payback. I just did a project in Wisconsin, and the cost of power is very low. The $15,000 to add an economizer to the boiler was about a 20-year payback.”

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