CRB at the ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Virtual Conference

CRB at the ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Virtual Conference

May 19, 2020

Niranjan Kulkarni, PhD, will speak at the ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Virtual Conference.

His session, “Planning, Building and Operating Cell and Gene Therapy Facilities,” will be held on June 1 from 10:45-12:15 (EDT).


Cell and gene therapies are emerging as an important class of next-generation medicines. This domain currently has several concerns, such as uncertainty in demands, variability due to raw material or manual operations, and challenges with new technology, to name a few. As many novel treatments move through development to commercialization, manufacturers are challenged to design and construct optimal facilities for the production of cell therapies. Designing optimal facilities and operations also has a significant impact on the Cost of Goods.

Modeling and simulation at the earliest design stages have many benefits and can address the concerns above. Computer modeling and simulations from an operational perspective can support the development of an optimal facility design along with developing operating strategies that will enable cell therapy manufacturers to meet the needs of patient populations, while better managing the Cost of Goods.

This presentation will provide you with an understanding of:

  • Learn how to improve facility design using operational models and computer simulations
  • Gain an understanding of how modeling and simulation can improve the Cost of Goods and enhance overall decision making
  • Learn how to maintain these models as the process matures

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