head shot of Yvonne Duckworth, Industry 4.0 Specialist

Duckworth featured in Pharmaceutical Technology on trends in digitalization

Aug 12, 2021

The digital maturity levels of pharma manufacturing companies slowly evolved over the past few years until the restrictions of the 2020 pandemic propelled the industry to quickly adopt advanced automation and remote capabilities. CRB’s Yvonne Duckworth addresses the advantages of this move in Pharmaceutical Technology’s article, Trends in Digitalization of Pharma Manufacturing.

The digital tools of remote pharma manufacturing

Leveraging Pharma 4.0 technologies like 3D modeling, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), teams have been able to effectively collaborate on facility design and factory acceptance testing despite the inability to physically visit the site. Struck by the abrupt need for remote productivity, the FDA is even providing guidance on virtual and interactive tools to support remote auditing for necessary regulatory oversight.

Paired with the clusters of automation and digitalization that the industry gradually incorporated over the past five years, manufacturers are crossing exciting new thresholds of digital maturity.

“The level of connectivity we have now is allowing plants to look at concepts such as predictive analytics” - Yvonne Duckworth

While widely spurred by a reactive need, the pharma manufacturing industry is now truly experiencing the advantages of digitalization and opening the door for future possibilities.

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