Balancing speed and safety in a regulatory strategy

Balancing speed and safety in a regulatory strategy

Nov 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an inflection point between the need for speed and the need to protect patient safety. For this balancing act to succeed, drug developers need a detailed, forward-thinking regulatory strategy. With a strategy in place—and expert guidance to help put it into action—you will be able to improve response time in the face of unexpected health crises.

Christa Myers and Marc Pelletier were recently featured in a Pharma Manufacturing article where they discuss the three components to a rapid, compliant response.

  1. Quickly pivoting between modalities as new health needs emerge
  2. Closing and automating processes for improved speed and quality control
  3. Identifying appropriate partners

The key to such decisions lies in a strong, proactive regulatory strategy.

Read the Engineering Angles article here.

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