Steve Pianalto

Vice President, Environmental, Health and Safety

Raleigh, NC

Steve Pianalto

An industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience in implementing environmental, health and safety (EHS) programs for design and construction organizations, Steve works with cross-functional and multicultural groups to facilitate EHS improvements in design, procurement and construction processes, and leads innovation resulting in measurable results. Steve heads CRB’s EHS team by executing training and compliance reporting, injury and accident management, and by developing and optimizing all EHS systems.

Steve is an active participant in safety program management and development for many projects, providing coaching and support to help clients address obstacles with an open mind as they move forward with a feasible solution and plan of action. With a high level of integrity and a strong commitment to teamwork, his unique skillset and extensive experience influence change in both the systematic and cultural challenges associated with safety insurance, helping many organizations see their problems with renewed clarity.

Steve has a deep commitment to the success of both CRB employees and our clients who show a dedication to exceptional performance. He is passionate about the work he does and expresses his passion through his everyday engagements.

“Never underestimate the impact of an accident. We must come together to figure out how to do this important work without risking the health and safety of our people.”

Steve’s vision and leadership allow CRB to take safety beyond traditional training and reporting, focusing on the cultural components that guarantee all our employees and project partners make it home safe each day.

Insights By Steve