Mary Tobin, EIT, WELL AP

Mechanical Engineer

San Diego, CA

Mary Tobin full length

Mary has helped new and existing facilities develop frameworks to achieve sustainability goals, including zero carbon emissions while reducing operational costs and improving site resiliency. Mary is a mechanical engineering graduate and WELL Accredited Professional with experience in site utility master planning and implementing design strategies for facilities to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy usage.

Mary’s expertise includes facilitating interdisciplinary stakeholder discussions to define project energy and sustainability goals, analyzing existing energy usage to identify reduction opportunities, and developing implementation timelines to accomplish sustainability objectives. Mary has a thorough understanding of alternative energy solutions, the economic savings associated with energy savings, and the life sciences industry sustainability trends.

As a WELL AP, Mary believes sustainable building design can maximize occupant health and wellbeing.

I am enthusiastic about collaborating with clients to understand their energy and sustainability goals and implementing creative design solutions best suited to their facility needs.

Mary earned her Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Sciences with High Honors and Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College.


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