Dennis Kearney

Senior Project Manager

Raleigh, NC

Dennis Kearney full length

Dennis Kearney is a senior project manager with 30+ years of experience in the design and construction industry and has been with CRB for over 20 years. Dennis has managed all aspects of capital projects from concept through startup for biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients.

In addition to his expertise in project management, Dennis is an industry leader in prefabrication, pre-assembly, modularization and off-site construction (PPMOF).

“Most of our clients need to fast-track their projects in order to bring life-saving drugs to market. Being able to meet that need without compromising cost or quality through PPMOF is really rewarding.”

Dennis Kearney has been featured in Pharma’s Almanac and presented at industry events.

In recent years, Dennis has served as the project manager for multiple ONEsolution™ projects in the Southeastern United States while also building CRB’s team of PPMOF experts throughout the country.

Insights By Dennis