Debora Hankinson

Senior Strategic Facility Planner

Kansas City, MO

Debora Hankinson has more than 20 years of professional experience encompassing strategic facility planning, laboratory planning, programming, project management, and design. Debora’s expertise lies in the strategic planning of complex life science projects. She has been responsible for planning numerous projects for several fortune 500 companies including Amgen, Genentech and Novartis. Debora has also worked with medical device companies, universities, and public agencies. Debora uses her highly focused expertise to develop strategic, intelligent solutions for companies in the science and technology fields. Her expertise in strategic planning helps companies to grow efficiently and keep their competitive edge.

Debora is a strategic and analytical leader with a passion for delivering optimum infrastructures to support operational and institutional growth, offering a broad suite of expertise in strategic facility planning in the life sciences area. Demonstrated professional with proven track record in the formation of complex and creative strategic solutions that respond to business forecasting. Versatile and dynamic communicator with a Master’s degree in Architecture. Expertise in requirements analysis; executive and design team collaboration, and well-established knowledge of regulatory environments.

“I am passionate about helping clients create facility strategies that align with their business plan. After all, it is their ability to implement their business that measures whether we as planners have been successful.”

Insights By Debora