Daniel Lachapelle, P.ENG

Regional Leader

Toronto, Canada

The founding president of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering’s (ISPE) Canada affiliate, Daniel Lachapelle is an agile leader who’s taken on a variety of roles during his career. He is driven to perform any function to make things happen, most recently becoming the Regional Leader for CRB’s Toronto office. Daniel has more than 30 years of global experience in the engineering and construction industry, specifically working in Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe.

He is a specialist in engineering and project management for the design and construction of facilities within the regulated industries, including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and food and beverage. He has a strong record of successful delivery of projects and programs by building cohesive and motivated teams who are able to function globally as a core entity.

“I want to be in a position to bring value to our clients, whatever position that may be. I’m focused on doing whatever makes the biggest contribution. That’s what’s been driving me for all these years.”

He has been involved in ISPE for three decades, serving in every leadership role for ISPE’s Canada affiliate. He sits on the Board of Directors today. Daniel is also a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, and he’s involved with Life Sciences Ontario (LSO).

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