Agustin Torres

Software Developer

Raleigh, North Carolina

Agustin Torres isn’t your typical software developer. Starting his career with CRB in 2012 as a BIM coordinator and later a VDC specialist, Agustin found a passion early on for computer programming. A self-starter, he began teaching himself programming languages including C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. His extensive VDC knowledge coupled with his knack for problem solving and detail-oriented approach has made him a go-to teammate on projects within the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Leveraging both his passions for VDC and programming, Agustin has made a tremendous impact on our organization by helping to bridge the communication gap between design and construction software. A highly focused and dedicated software developer, Agustin continues to provide CRB clients with innovative solutions to deliver the most successful project outcomes.

Insights By Agustin