A message from CRB’s President

Ryan Schroeder, President, CRB |
Ryan Schroeder, President, CRB


As the COVID-19 pandemic persists and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries work to reduce the threat, CRB is moving into a new phase in our ongoing effort to ensure client success while keeping our employees safe.

At CRB, the virus has forced a radical reimagining of our workdays and workspaces. Yet, under less than ideal conditions, we’re thriving: Cloud computing, virtualized meetings and old-fashioned problem-solving allow us to maintain the high level of service our clients expect while keeping our workforce safe and focused on the job at hand. I’m proud to say that years of contingency planning and investments in innovative network technology have allowed us to move seamlessly into remote-working environments, without the communications hang-ups and project delays of another time and place.

Now, CRB’s offices are moving into a new phase of restricted and highly controlled re-openings, during which physical staffing levels are reduced and closely aligned with infection rates and other readiness criteria in those areas. Some offices will fully staff more quickly than others. Business travel restrictions remain, and our professionals have the freedom to work from home while they weigh the personal decision to return to the office.

In the field, CRB’s project teams continue to find effective ways to build in this dynamic environment. Our construction teams work daily to implement and modify their COVID-19 plans to adapt to ever-changing environments. Our site teams have found innovative ways to segregate our work in the field, track and manage risk and COVID exposure, and engage our subcontract partners to ensure that everyone returns home safe to their families every day.

Our more than 35 years of design, engineering and construction expertise is helping the world’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop vaccines and therapies that reduce the dangers posed by COVID-19. I firmly believe the day is coming when we’ll be able to welcome clients into our offices, share a lunch and talk of better days.

Until then, be assured that whether we’re working from home or the office, CRB will keep doing everything we can to deliver difference-making solutions that change our world.


Ryan Schroeder, President, CRB