Lead the way in a burgeoning industry.

One of the most significant challenges for companies in a growing industry is planning for the unknown. Creating a facility, developing new products or scaling up a process are more difficult in this rapidly changing environment. Together, we can craft a flexible facility that meets your needs now and in the future.

Take advantage of decades of technical experience in the design and construction of regulated nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical manufacturing facilities to help you establish a leading position in the cannabis industry.

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Work with a collaborative team and experience a holistic project execution approach that creates continuity from strategy development through to construction and start-up of your facility. Work with CRB to get engineering solutions, to streamline your manufacturing process and to navigate regulatory approvals.

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What we do:

Facility and process design made simple.

Equipment and facility designs for your extraction process involve complex decisions to acheive regulatory, building and fire code compliance. These interconnected requirements demand CRB’s well-oiled multi-disciplinary team to translate your core process needs into equipment and facilities that meet your business goals.

Front-end process integration.

Is your extraction facility incorporating biomass processing into its scope? Building and electrical code limitations can often constrain throughput or increase the cost of making your spaces compliant. Get code and equipment expertise to ensure your drying, storage and grinding facility suits your process needs and budget.

Reduce risk and maintain flexibility

Overlapping regulatory requirements from the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetics and tobacco markets complicate the design of cannabis processing facilities. But with extensive background in these areas, we can guide you to a risk-based strategy that anticipates future uncertainty and builds flexibility into your facility. Also get regulatory and equipment selection expertise to help you formulate your product portfolio.

Environmental compliance by design

You must apply for construction and operating permits; we have extensive experience with the environmental permit process. And you need to ensure emissions are controlled within the requirements of the local jurisdiction of your site; we incorporate appropriate air control technology systems into facility designs.

Grow your process to meet your goals.

Scale up is an exciting and pivotal time for a manufacturing process. It can also present many challenges. Get chemical engineering and process design expertise to create well-defined goals and establish a clear direction for process development and equipment train definition.

Get off to a great start.

From building and fire codes to regulatory standards, cannabis facility requirements are complex. Minimize the risks to your budget and schedule by selecting the right facility or site. CRB has extensive experience evaluating buildings for renovation and can help translate your facility needs into the best solution for you.

Align your facility targets with your business drivers.

Defining up-front requirements for complex manufacturing projects sets a clear direction, avoiding delays and accelerating design and construction. Integrate design strategy and budgetary analysis into a strategic project approach with our team.

Finished products done right.

With an ever-shifting finished products market, expand your reach by providing white-label formulation, filling and packaging services. Leverage our deep experience from pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food facilities to direct your design, equipment selection and formulations. Get facility regulatory requirements right and avoid overdesigning your process.